We invested a lot to create a highly customized “out-of-the-box” CRM product for the oil and gas distribution industry. A solution that gets lubricant marketers up and running in as little as 8-12 weeks. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, it has become the preferred CRM product for companies that distribute fuel and lubricants for Chevron, Shell, Castrol, Exxon and many others.

Using CRM to Set, Track, and Achieve your Sales Goals


Webinar: Using CRM to Set, Track, and Achieve your Sales Goals
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You have lofty sales goals to meet in 2018. As a sales rep or even a sales manager, you may not be involved in setting your goals, but achieving your desired gross profit or volume goals relies squarely on your shoulders.

Do you have an easy way to track and monitor your progress throughout the year (goals vs actual) to ensure you have enough opportunities in the pipeline to hit (or exceed) your goals?

In this on-demand webinar for Oil and Gas Industry professionals where we show you how to use a CRM to effectively and efficiently help you set, track, and achieve your sales goals. 

Preferred Nationwide

This successful and powerful CRM tool is used across the United States by petroleum jobbers, fuel distributors, oil companies, gas service stations, and many others. It has also been a great fit for clients in fuel and propane distribution, as well as renewable energy.

If there are three things I can say CRM does, it’s this: it enables us to create value for the customer, it enables the management team to actually manage the business instead of pulling data together, and enables the viewer to be able to take managerial claim, then take action.

Mike Adkins, Englefield Oil Vice President and Head of the Lubricants Division

eBook: 12 Ways Lubricant Marketers Use CRM to Drive Success

CRM for Oil and Gas eBookAs a Lubricant Marketer in the Oil & Gas Industry, it’s likely you’re used to the way things have always been within your company and haven’t gotten around to exploring other options, thinking, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” Trust us – we understand, but we also know that just because something has been working for you all this time that doesn’t mean something else can’t work better for your business’ future …

CRM systems, like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, can help you solve many ongoing problems that we see frequently trending across the industry.

We explain exactly how Lubricant Marketers are using CRM to thrive in this expert eBook, and how you can, too!

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CRM for Oil & Gas Success Stories

Englefield Oil - Ledgeview Partners - Case Study

LVP Case Study

LVP Case Study

LVP Case Study

LVP Case Study

LVP Case Study

Tie Everything Together

Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas product ties all of your sales, marketing, customer service and accounting databases together, providing accurate, timely and easily accessible information to help you manage your business and maximize sales leads and opportunities.

How did we build it? We took a combination of industry experience (yes, we have people here who came from the oil and gas industry) and by listening to our customers needs and wants. You don’t want fluff, you want a CRM system that produces results and that is what we built.

The closing ratio in our industry is, on average, a little under 20%. Since implementing Ledgeview’s CRM, we’re tracking double that. In fact, we’re close to 50%.

Chane Kellerstrass, Director of Business Development, Kellerstrass Oil Company

You Have Options

Not sure if an “out-of-the-box” CRM solution is right for you? Spending just 90 minutes with us will answer all those questions (and more) but here at Ledgeview we know that while our product is helping several lubricant marketers succeed, it isn’t a fit for every company and every culture. So, let us take our extensive industry experience and build a CRM that fits you, and we can do it either on Microsoft Dynamics CRM or Salesforce.com – the choice is yours.

There’s no reason NOT to use this oil and gas product. It’s not a sales tool. It’s an organizational success tool.

Corey McCort, VP of Sales & Marketing, Carson Oil

Why do Oil & Gas Distributors love our CRM? Results.

Available in the cloud or on-premise, Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil & Gas turn-key product combines all of the power ‘vanilla’ CRM software offers with invaluable features specific to oil, gas and energy distributors. Click on any of the links below to watch a short video that highlights those features and the benefits they can bring your company.

It gives them a level of ownership they never had before. I’m seeing a more robust pipeline development than we had prior to CRM.

Josh Isbill, VP of Sales, Gaubert Oil

See CRM for Oil and Gas in Action with this 12-Minute Demo

Ledgeview Partners has taken the basics of Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM (Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and more) and customized it for the Oil & Gas Industry. Specifically for Lubricant and Fuel Marketers.

In this very short 12 minute demo, we provide a VERY HIGH-LEVEL overview of how Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas product, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM can create efficiencies, drive sales and improve gross profit for the oil and gas industry marketers.

If you want to see more (and there is A LOT more), check out our (nearly) complete on-demand demo or contact us to schedule your own personalized demonstration so we can show you specifically how this product and benefit your company.

 Watch Ledgeview CRM Demo

Get a Full Product Demo of CRM for Oil & Gas

In this full product demo on-demand webinar, Ledgeview takes you on a deep dive inside this CRM for Oil and Gas industry solution developed specifically for lubricant marketers.

During the hour-long webinar, you will see and learn how Oil and Gas Marketers are Using CRM for:

  • Cross Sell and Suggestive Sell Opportunities
  • Tracking Sales Goals vs. Actuals + Gap to Goal Analysis
  • Territory Planning and Mapping
  • Share-of-Wallet Management
  • Back Office Integration to Gain Access to Customer Data to Drive Sales
  • Tracking Loaned Equipment
  • How Retail Fuel Distributors are Using CRM
  • And Much More!

See how your industry peers and competitors are using the solution.

Watch Ledgeview CRM Demo


Need a solution to help you manage your stations and retail fuel?

Introducing the “CRM for Retail Fuels” Add-On 

Ledgeview Partners developed a customized CRM solution for Oil and Gas Marketers that is utilized by Lubricant Distributors across North America. Building on the functionality of this turn-key solution, see how retail fuel distributors and station/site owners can take advantage of the NEW “Retail Fuels” module within CRM to:

  • Create Transparency, Visualization and Information with Data Integration
  • Capture Key Information on Stations and Sites including Sales, Equipment, Activities, and More
  • Analyze all Stations and Sites

Watch Ledgeview CRM Demo

Ledgeview’s CRM for Oil and Gas Tip Sheet

Ledgeview's CRM for Oil and Gas SolutionLedgeview has invested a lot of time, energy, experience, and strategy to create a highly customized “out-of-the-box” CRM Solution for the Oil and Gas Industry.

This efficient CRM Solution gets Lubricant Marketers up and running in as little as 8-12 weeks. Powered by Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, it has become the preferred CRM product for companies that distribute fuel and lubricants for Chevron, Shell, Castrol, Exxon and many others.

Find out How it REALLY Works!

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Discover the Unique Benefits of CRM for Oil & Gas